All The Maintenance Your Car Needs This Month

Simple and inexpensive maintenance done during the month of February guarantees to save you a lot of time down the road. Apart from being the last ‘cold’ month of the seasonal calendar, February marks the onset of the coming summer, meaning blistering temperatures are to be expected on the road. To survive such extremes in temperatures, we at Autorent Car Service (ARCS) recommend dividing your car’s maintenance into two - first, repairing damages incurred from previous (cold) months, and second, making preparations for the harsh oncoming (hot) months.

Coping With Winter

Research suggests that a car’s battery experiences 25% reduction in power when the outside temperature is at 0 degree Celsius. While Dubai may not experience such low temperatures, we recommend all owners be wary of the car battery condition nonetheless. Lest your vehicle breaks down mid-commute, with the closest mechanic a considerable distance away, get a simple volt test done for your car battery.

Dubai's strict enforcement of traffic rules helps regulate traffic in this modern metropolis. Motorists have to use their brakes quite often, especially during times of heavy fog, to ensure they're not breaking any rules. If your vehicle cannot slow down as well, or if you hear any squealing and grinding noises while applying brakes, it is advised to bring your car under the scanner. Avoid having to face a crisis mid-commute, and consider getting your brakes checked immediately.

The sun tends to set quite early in February - around 6 pm - reducing visibility for all motorists on the road. Adding to the lack of clarity are heavy fogs, frequenting Dubai during times of commute this month. So it is only imperative, that cars driving in such low-visibility conditions have fully-functioning fog lights to help them stay safe on the road. We recommend getting your lights waxed, check for collected moisture, and also for damages, if any, to the light bulbs.

Driving during winter can result in accumulation of sand, salt, and other particulate matter on a vehicle's undercarriage. Leaving it unchecked can result in the formation of corrosion and rust, damaging the integrity of your car in the long run. ARCS experts recommend a thorough power washing of the affected vehicle’s undercarriage, which can be done quite affordably at a nearby service center.

Preparing For Summer

Regular replacement of engine fluids during hot months become a mandate, as extremely hot weather conditions lead to excess usage or dehydration within the engine body. More so with the coolant liquid,
whose sole purpose is to keep a car’s engine from overheating. As temperatures in Dubai can reach up to 50 degree Celsius in summer, we recommend using your time in February, to have the engine coolant levels checked, and refilled if necessary.

Driving in the cold can be stressful for your vehicle, often leading to excess tire tread wear. In summer, these worn tires take a greater hit, as they’re unable to function properly on the hot Dubai roads. The last thing someone wants to experience on a summer afternoon is to be stranded due to a tire blowout, or even worse, to cause a road mishap due to the same. Get your tires checked immediately, and stay safe on the roads during the coming months.

Air Conditioning:
During summer, leaving your vehicle parked under the sun for long can cause the temperature inside to reach ~60 degrees Celsius. This means your car’s Air Conditioning system needs to be in proper working condition at all times, for you to avoid suffering a heat stroke, or worse. Drive into your nearest service center and check for low Freon levels or compressor issues, that may cause malfunctions in your car AC system!

Belts & Hoses:
Imagine leaving on a summer holiday drive, only to have your vehicle break down due to a burst radiator hose or snapped alternator belt. Such a situation may arise because we skipped scheduling a car maintenance prior to leaving for the trip. Made of synthetic rubber, with the task of regulating the engine and related parts, it is essential to have your car belts and hoses in working conditions at all times for smooth and safe driving. ARCS recommends a full checkup to stay doubly sure.

With the right service professional backing your every move, maintenance of your vehicle will seem like a breeze. From thorough washing of every nook and cranny to oiling of every vent in the car, keeping a scheduled routine will ensure all needs are met. Our expert professionals at Autorent Car Service (ARCS) strive to improve vehicle performance and reduce risks while on the road.

We ensure your automotive maintenance needs are met, helping you stay ahead of the weather at all times!

We deliver peace of mind.