Service your car's AC at ARCS for clean & pure air

Driving a car in Dubai is thrilling, but it also makes you realize that your car protects you from the extreme outdoor temperatures. It goes without saying, you need to take special care of your car in these extreme conditions.

The internal condition of your car has a lot to do with your health! The car's AC and the heater keep you comfortable throughout your drive. However, you might want to give a thought to the air inside the car.

Your car acts like a sealed can and does not allow air to circulate. Despite using the AC, the air inside your car is stale. Even though a car wash may give your vehicle the 'just out of the showroom' look, the interiors also need regular cleaning. Regular AC cleaning can help ensure that the air inside your car is circulated properly.

Hazardous substances that may be in your car are:

  • Dirt
  • Germs
  • Pollen

Your health is dependent on the quality of air inside your car and just vacuum cleaning the interiors doesn't ensure that it is free from any pollutants.

There is air inside your car's storage, seat cushions and cabins etc. Surely, it is not possible to completely vacuum the air inside the car without causing any damage.

A practical solution would be to identify the trouble areas of your car and make sure they are completely clean. Your vehicle's air conditioning also plays a prominent role in ensuring the air inside your car is clean and healthy.
Problem areas in your air conditioning system are:

  • Evaporators
  • Vents
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Clutch
  • Compressor
  • Electricals

It is advised to check your car's AC unit if it is not functioning properly. But this advice is more of a conservative approach considering the car AC is a sealed unit. With a professional inspecting your car, unseen problems such as dirty evaporators may pop up. Dirt & pollen collect and clog vents reducing the efficiency of your car's AC while allowing germs to breed.

A complete check-up of a car's air conditioning system will cover any refrigerant leaks, the clutch which activates the system, the compressor, and the electricals.

While you take care of your car's air conditioning, remember to check the thermostat and the car's heating system at the same time. Having an overheated engine doesn't help the AC or the car. Make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition by allowing our dedicated professionals to service it.

Get your car's AC tested from the best! Drive-in to ARCS for an AC check-up now.