Pro-Driving Tips Surviving Fog in Dubai

Heavy fog blanketed Dubai early this morning, and since then news of vehicle mishaps and heavy traffic congestion on major roads have already been reported. Conditions have worsened so much so, that at least 50 flights have been delayed since morning!

We advise all motorists to be well prepared, as lax measures will result in a Dh500 fine and four black points against your license. Here are 4 pro tips, suggested by Autorent Car Service Center (ARCS) experts, for driving in heavy fog:


Pull Over:

A general rule of thumb is to avoid driving during heavy fog. In case you’re already on the road, it is recommended to pull over to the side, probably at the next service station, and wait for conditions to clear before proceeding.


Pay Attention:

Listen carefully to the sounds of other vehicles. By lowering your windows, and even your radio, you may be able to hear vehicles, or people, who may otherwise be invisible in such conditions. Also, keep in mind the condition of your wiper as it may come in handy.


Hazard “Off”:

Some motorists use Hazard lights to make themselves more visible. While done in good gesture, cars following you may brake sharply, thinking you have stopped, causing mishaps for others. ARCS advocates the use of fog light only.


Maintain Lanes:

Don’t change lanes unless you have to - it’s good to stay on the inside (right lane), and not hurry in the process. Additionally, you’re required to increase count distance by 5 seconds to the vehicle in front, with enough space for quick maneuvers.

Driving in low visibility is not easy, but with the right guidance, you can definitely be out of harm’s way!